EuroCaster Studio Consoles Skyline

EuroCaster Studio Consoles Skyline

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EuroCaster´s Skyline is a modern workstation suitable for all broadcast area applications such as Audio and Video Control Romms, Console Editing, CCTV, Production and Master control, Graphic applications and Security Control Room.
The workstation is flexible, modular and reconfigurable: these are the key elements that make the Skyline" simple to install and easy to be shipped. It´s based in the unit rack (RU).
This console is ideal to optimize the costs of shipment because it´s composed of easily stackable elements and reduced packing. This also means "saving" money in cost delivering.
The console can have Box Rack turret with inclinations of 15°, 30°, 60° and heights from 2 to 10U above the working top.
In addiction, the Skyline has an aluminium rail that allows the sliding ans easy installation of monitors support.
There is also the ability to mount wheels to move around easily.

A- Structure
Modular steel frame painted with epoxy resins. 11,5 RU for housing equipment under the workshop, anthracite grey or silver

B- Work Plan
Top in MDF covered with scratch-resistant material. Timber finish in beech, cherry or gray. Other finishes available on request.

C- Rack Box 19" - Towers on request
Steel frame painted with epoxy resins. Sides of these towers is composed of integral laminated with aluminium inside. Available frim 2 to 10 U.

D- Grooved rear Profile
Anodized aluminium designed for allocate mounting of monitor support arms.

E- Plans repositionsable - on request
Shelves in laminated HPL material with a painted steel structure, repositionable to support light, speakers, monitors, etc. Available in different finishes.

F- Drawers - on request
Drawer for keyboards or other devices"

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