Complete Radio Station 300W (750W ERP)

Complete Radio Station 300W (750W ERP)

8.435,15 EUR 9.042,00 EUR

300 watt transmitter, 2 dipole, feeder cable, mixer and 4 mics/headphones, PC w/Automation

Modell/Artikelnr.: BSE-CRS2
A complete Start up Transmitter and Studio package containing the following (please note, the image might not show exactly the described items):



1 D&R AirMate-USB OnAir Broadcast Mixing Console  - 8 channel triple input radio On-Air / Production console with 2x USB and 2x Telephone Hybrids 
1 D&R On Air Light incl. Power Supply
1 Eurocaster Studio Desktop Rack 4U beech
1 Denon DN-300H Digital AM/FM Tuner
1 Røde Procaster ON AIR talent mike, dynamic
1 Røde PSA1 ON AIR table talent mike stand
3 Audac M66 Dynamic Microphone for Studio/hand held
3 Røde DS1 Table Stand, black
1 LD Systems HPA4 - Headphone Aplifier 4-channel
4 Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Professional Monitor Headphones
1 Fostex PM-03 Active Studio Speaker 30W (Set)
1 Broadcast PC with 24" Monitor and keyboard
1 Jazler RadioStar II Radio Automation 
1 Accessories, connectors and cable package
Transmission Equipment
1 BW Broadcast TX300v3 Digital FM Transmitter 300 W stereo - FM Transmitter with digital modulation, built in 4-band DSPX audio processing, Ethernet control and RDS
1 EuroCaster DA2N1  2 Dipole WB Alu Low Cost Antenna with Splitter, cables and N-connector, 800 watt, gain 5 dB
2 LI-GK12 Lightning protection kit
1 EuroCaster CRC12N50 Interbay cable Cellflex 1/2" 50 meter with N/N (Feeder cable/Antenna)

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