EuroCaster Studio Consoles Mecano

EuroCaster Studio Consoles Mecano

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The Mecano console, characterized by an innovative modular system 19, is the ideal solution to give Customers a representative workstation.
The base modules are made of a strong metal frame equipped with full pedetal. On the bench top there are upper boxes up to 8U, all realized with timber finish. The lower box is equipped with RU frame modules.
The working TOP is made of timber material, with laminted or leatherette finish.
There is also the ability to mount wheels to move around easily.

A- Upper top, countertop
Top of wooden material with scratch-resistant laminate finish. Available with inserts in Alcantara or leather.

B- Drawers, objekts port (optional)
Folded sheet steel painted with epoxy powder coated silver RAL 9006 or black RAL 9005. Fronts finished in timber material to match with the console

C- Modular Chassis Frame structure of 40/40 sheet steel apinted with epoxy powders in anthracite grey.

D- removable closing panels
Metal Panels sheet painted with epoxy powder coated, anthracite grey.

E- Side panels
MDF covered with scratch-resistant material. Finishes: Beech/aluminum or cherry /grey."

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