EuroCaster Studio Consoles Europe

EuroCaster Studio Consoles Europe

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The Eurocaster console Europe is a modern workstation that can be used in different enviroments: from Broadcastng Audio and Video Romms or Control Room for Surveillance.
Its simplicity makes the console econimical and configurable according to different alternatives.
It has a clean and understated design, able to be match different enviroments.
It´s very easy to install!
It can have Rack Boxes with various inclinations, while under the counter it can be equipped with comfortable, functional hanging racks.
In the rear part it is proved with an aluminium profile that allows the positioning and the total sliding of monitor holders.

A- Structure
Steel frame paintes with epoxy resins.

B- Work Plan
Top in MDF covered with scratch-resistant timber finish in beech, cherry or gray. Other finishes available on request.

C- Rack Box 19 - Towers on request
Rooms sheet countertop rack painted 15/10 with epoxy resins.

D- Grooved rear Profile
Anodized aluminium designed for allocate mounting of monitor support arms.

E- Wiring Canala
Structural steel sheet bended and painted with epoxy resins, able to allow the wiring hidden."

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