EuroCaster Studio Consoles Poliedro

EuroCaster Studio Consoles Poliedro

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Prestigious and versatility in design: these are the ingredients that characterize EuroCaster´s Poliedro console.
The console is made of wooden materials, supported by a structural frame that allows passage for cables. This workstation can have rack-box turrets from 4 to 10 units, available with a horozontal or inclined bench top. There is a footrest for optimal user ergonomics.
The EuroCaster Poliedro is equipped with side panels, rear fascia and the perimeter shape of wooden material with different finishes from cherry to beech. These solutions make the look of the console rich and refined.
There is also the ability to mount wheels to move around easily.

A- Structural basis
Structure in wood material with resistant laminate: beech or cherry finish. Footrest metal sheet covered with black rubber.

B- Upper floor, countertop
Worktop in wooden material covered in laminate with eventual leather finish insert.

C- Perimeter plan
Molding perimeter to protect the work plan, beech or cherry finish effect.

D- Rack Box with top horizontal or inclined
Turrets/box realized in wood coated with scatch-resistant laminate, beech or cherry

E- Finishing sides and rear fascias
Wood support coated with scratch-resistant material with mixed finishes from beech/silver or cherry/black

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