Axel Phonex-D2 Digital Telephone Hybrid 2 channel

Axel Phonex-D2 Digital Telephone Hybrid 2 channel

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Modell/Artikelnr.: AX-PHONEX D2 MKII

Axel Tech Phonex D2 MKII

Digital studio telephone hybrid 2 lines PSTN/POTS. Audio process DSP-Based, XLR analog and AES/EBU In/Out.DTMF decoder and GPIN/GPOUT port. Graphic LCD display for TX and RX level monitoring. Up to 2 GSM module for wireless operations as option. USB and Serial port. 1u rack 19''space. Universal PSU.

Two Channel Professional IRD

Product for Distribution System

Axel Tech PhoneX D1 and PhoneX D2 are telephone hybrids designed for the broadcast market. The internal frameworks based on DSP (Digital Signal Processor) hit in real time the highest audio performance , that sets PhoneX D1 and PhoneX D2 as state of the art technology in the telephone interface.

PhoneX series allows analog and digital balanced AES/EBU input and output over XLR connectors with “mic/line send” features switched via software.

As in Macrotel X1 and X2, the Axel Tech PhoneX D1 and D2 equipment allows to manage one or two landlines, shared with GSM Quad Band modem optionally improved, to place phone calls where wired lines are not available. Enhanced audio features exclusively designed for phone calls such as: AGC stage, Echo canceller, De-Noiser, 2Band Equalizer, Ducking and Hold caller/Attenuator.


Axel Tech PhoneX D2 also allows conference calls between different participants. Axel Tech PhoneX D1 and PhoneX D2 facilitate the everyday’s operators usage via front panel button, the graphic LCD display sends and receives levels for each phone hybrid, via: software pc based, any webpage and wireless devices as tablet or smart phone. Available GPIO contact from and to Telco N-1 modules.

Available connections via two rs232 serial ports and one USB. By option an Ethernet board to manage LAN connection can be added directly into PhoneX D1 and PhoneX D2.

All audio features and operating mode can be managed locally and remotely via software, without a physical intervention over phone hybrid. Auto-ranging internal switching power supply allows to use the equipments all over the world. PhoneX D1 and PhoneX D2 occupies 1 standard RU.

Main Features

  • AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs
  • 1 and 2 line models
  • POTS/PSTN and GSM Quad Band (option)
  • Integrated web server for remote control
  • Digital AGC processor with 2 band EQ
  • Echo canceller and noise gate
  • Separate send and receive
  • Mulitple units connection (conference)
  • LAN and USB ports
  • Built-in tone generator
  • Auto answer and disconnection
  • Balanced XLR I/O (mic/line)
  • Remote control software and dialer



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