Audio-Technica AT-BP40 Large Diaph. Dyn Microphone

Audio-Technica AT-BP40 Large Diaph. Dyn Microphone

299,00 EUR 325,00 EUR

Modell/Artikelnr.: KI-AT-BP40
Audio-Technica AT-BP40 Large Diaphragm Dynamic Microphone.

Rich, natural condenser-like sound
Patented floating-edge construction for optimal performance
Humbucking coil prevents electromagnetic interference (EMI)
Switchable 100 Hz high-pass filter
Multistage windscreen provides superior internal pop filtering
Dependable for use in professional broadcast environments.

Large-diaphragm dynamic microphone
Hypercardioid directivity with excellent off-axis rejection
Designed and developed for professional broadcasting applications
Ideal for radio and for post production studios
Humbucking voice coil to prevent the risk of electromagnetic interference (EMI)
Optimised capsule positioning to keep an impressive vocal presence, even remotely
Low-cut filter 100 Hz 6dB / octave
Comes with the AT8483 clamp
Optional AT8484 suspension available

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