Sound Ideas - Series 6000 - The General

Sound Ideas - Series 6000 - The General

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Modell/Artikelnr.: SI-Series 6000 - The General
The General represents the ultimate standard in sound effects libraries. Consisting of over 7,500 digital sound effects (50 hours of recorded sounds) on 40 compact discs, the Series 6000 reinforces our long-standing commitment to quality and value. The General includes new and expanded sound categories such as an extensive animal collection, transportation sounds, crowds, long ambience effects from around the world, weather, aviation, military, foley sounds and much, much more. As a special feature, The General also includes a unique collection of sounds by four award winning Sound Designers! The result of extensive client research and two years in the making, The General Series 6000 is the largest, most comprehensive library of its kind ever created.

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