Henry Engineering AES Digiswitch 3X1

Henry Engineering AES Digiswitch 3X1

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Henry Engineering Digiswitch 3x1

AES Digital Audio Switch


The Henry Engineering AES DigiSwitch 3X1 is just what you need to switch AES digital audio! It’s bit-accurate, zero latency, and XLR-easy to install.


Henry Engineering AES DigiSwitch 3X1 is a three-input switcher for AES digital audio signals. It accepts up to three AES audio sources, selecting one that is sent to the AES output. It is ideally suited for numerous broadcast and professional audio applications, e.g., as a studio switcher, AES source selector, or for automatic source selection under the control of a playout system or other control system.


Henry Engineering AES DigiSwitch 3X1 utilizes sealed relays with gold-plated contacts for signal switching. There is no active circuitry in the signal path, hence the AES stream remains bit-accurate with no added delay or latency. The passive switching also permits the unit to be used “in reverse” as a router, sending an AES source to one of three destinations.


AES DigiSwitch can be controlled with the illuminated pushbuttons on the front panel, and/or remotely controlled with any GPI contact closure, open collector, or DC voltage. Power-up Programming permits the user to determine which of the inputs is automatically selected when AC power is applied. The Priority Return function can automatically select Input #1 if no other input is selected. Tally Outputs are provided to operate remote status LEDs. Inactive sources are automatically terminated.


All AES I/O is via XLR connectors; Remote control is via a 9-pin D connector. The AES DigiSwitch 3X1 is 1/3 rack width and can be mounted in an optional rack shelf, or wall-mounted using optional wall/cabinet mounting brackets. The unit is powered with an internal AC power supply, which can be user-set for either 115 or 230 VAC mains.



Technical Specifications

  • Input: 3 AES

  • Output: 1 AES

  • Control Inputs: 3, opto-isolated, 5-24 VDC or contact closure/open collector

  • Input Resistance: 1.5K ohms each 3X

  • Input Duration: Pulse or Maintained

  • Power-Up: Selectable, Input #1, #2, or #3

  • Power Input: 115 or 230 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 3W

  • Physical: 5.7” w x 1.7” h x 6.0” d, 3 lbs

  • Construction: Steel enclosure

  • Approvals: City of Los Angeles Elect. Test Lab, CE, RoHS

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