Henry Engineering Autoswitch

Henry Engineering Autoswitch

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Henry Engineering Autoswitch 

Audio Switcher & Silence Sensor


Henry Engineering AutoSwitch solves two radio station problems: It eliminates the “digital echo” in DJ headphones that’s caused by digital audio processing. It also prevents “dead air” by switching to an alternate audio source if the main air feed fails.


Henry Engineering AutoSwitch is a multi-purpose stereo audio switcher and silence sensor. It can be used to manually or automatically select between two stereo audio sources.


Henry Engineering AutoSwitch can be used as a monitor-source switcher. When interfaced to the console’s mic-tally logic it will sense when the control room mic is on, and switch from “off-air” audio to a local audio source to eliminate the “headphone echo” that is caused by digital audio processing.


AutoSwitch can also be used to automatically switch to a “backup” audio source if the main source fails, loses a channel, or if the audio level drops below a preset threshold. Each of the two silence sensors (L & R) has adjustments for setting the silence threshold and delay time. If the main source level drops below the threshold for the time set, the silence sensor trips and the unit switches to the backup source. When the main source returns, the unit resets and switches back to the main source.


AutoSwitch has an Alarm relay output to activate an external alarm or other equipment. LEDs indicate which audio source is active, when either channels audio is below the silence threshold, and when the silence sensor has tripped. The silence sensors can be disabled (for manual control), as can the Alarm relay (with automatic audio control still active). Electronic audio switching creates a smooth transition between sources. Gain trims are provided for precise adjustment of audio levels.


AutoSwitch uses plug-in euroblock connectors for audio and control interface. The unit is 1/3 rack width and can be rack-mounted with the optional rack mount shelf, or cabinet or wall mounted using optional cabinet/wall mounting brackets. AutoSwitch is powered with a built-in AC power supply.



Technical Specifications

  • Input Level: -10 to +4 dBu

  • Input Impedance: 10K ohms bal, 5K ohms unbal

  • Output Level: +4 dBu nominal, +24 dBu max

  • Output Impedance: 600 ohms or higher per output, bal

  • Gain: -6 to +6 dB

  • Frequency Response: DC-20 kHz, +/- 0.25 dB

  • Distortion: <.01% IM/THD

  • Noise: >90 dB below +4 dBu output

  • Manual Control Input: Maintained contact closure or 5-24 VDC

  • Silence Sense Level: 10 to 40 dB below normal level

  • Alarm Time Delay: 3 Ð 35 seconds in two ranges

  • Alarm Relay Output: Dry contacts, SPDT, 24 VDC, 1 A max.

  • Power Requirement: 115/230 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 3W

  • Physical: 5.75"w X 5.50"d X 1.60"h, 3 LBS

  • Construction: Steel enclosure

  • Approvals: City of Los Angeles Elect. Test Lab, CE, RoHS

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