Microset CF 30 50Ω Antenna Dummy Load 30W

Microset CF 30 50Ω Antenna Dummy Load 30W

60,00 EUR

Modell/Artikelnr.: MS-CF-30

Microset CF 30

Antenna Dummy load 0-1000 MHz 50 Ohm

Antenna dummy load of very good performance developed for many different applications, for HF - VHF - UHF frequencies band until microwave. 
Useful for loading transmitters during the test, power antenna meter. Circulators and hybrid ring as load at constant impedance in wide band. Precision mechanic realization, good temperature dissipation, reliable, strong.


Power: 30W 

Frequency band: 0-1000 Mhz

S.W.R.: 1,5 max.

Size WxDxH (mm): 40 x 112 x 60

Plug: Female

Colour: Black, silver

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