Henry Engineering Matchbox HD

Henry Engineering Matchbox HD

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Henry Engineering Matchbox HD

BI-Directional Stereo Level & Impedance Interface


Whenever you need to connect consumer gear to professional equipment, Matchbox-HD is the way to go! Henry Engineering Matchbox-HD eliminates the hum, buzz, and distortion caused by mismatched levels and impedances. Henry Engineering Matchbox-HD is ideal for devices that play and record, such as DAT recorders and computer sound cards. Don’t trust your audio to inexpensive units that are powered with “wall-warts”!


The rack-mountable Matchbox HD is the new high performance version of the industry’s most popular analog level and impedance converter. Matchbox HD offers a true 100 dB S/N ratio, with 22 dB of headroom to yield 122 dB of dynamic range. It is the very best way to interface “consumer” or semi-pro equipment with professional audio gear. 


The Matchbox HD is a bi-directional unit, employing four independent amplifiers to convert stereo inputs and outputs from unbalanced -10 dBv levels to +4 dBm balanced 600 ohm lines. All four outputs can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of operating levels.


The Matchbox HD also features a special HI GAIN mode to properly match the low-level unbalanced outputs of computer sound cards. The unit’s direct-coupled circuitry and exceptional dynamic range provide absolute sonic transparency, making Matchbox HD ideal for use with digital editors, DAT recorders, and other digital audio sources.


The Matchbox HD has an internal AC power supply. It is 1/3 rack width and can be mounted using the optional rack shelf, or wall mounted with optional wall/cabinet mounting brackets.




Technical Specifications

  • IHF Input/Output Levels: -20 to 0 dBv

  • PRO Input/Output Levels: 0 to +8 dBm, +26 dB max

  • IHF Input Impedance: 10k ohms; HI GAIN 5k ohms

  • PRO Input Impedance: 20k ohms

  • IHF Output Load: 2k ohms or higher, unbalanced

  • PRO Output Load: 600 ohms or higher, balanced

  • IHF to PRO Gain: +6to +20 dB; HI GAIN add 6 dB

  • PRO to IHF Gain: -6 to infinity (off)

  • Number of Channels: 4: 2 IHF to PRO and 2 PRO to IHF

  • Frequency Response: DC to 20kHz, ±0.25 dB

  • Distortion: < .01% IM/THD

  • Noise: -100 dB ref. +4 dBu, bal. -95 dB ref. -10 dBv, unbal.

  • Power Requirements: 115/230VAC, 50/60Hz, 3 W

  • Mounting: Table top, optional rack mount shelf, optional wall/cabinet mounting brackets

  • Headroom: 22 dB (bal.); 30 dB (unbal.)

  • Dynamic Range: 122 dB (bal.), 125 dB (unbal.)

  • Approval: City of Los Angeles Elect. Test Lab

  • Physical Size: 5.7"w X 1.7"h X 6.0"d, 3lbs

  • Construction: Steel enclosure

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