Henry Engineering Logiconverter

Henry Engineering Logiconverter

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Henry Engineering Logiconverter

Utility Control Logic Interface


Henry Engineering LogiConverter is what you need when “you can’t get there from here”, control-wise. It makes things compatible, reliable, and safe. Don’t risk damaging your equipment because of incompatible control voltages or topology!


Henry Engineering LogiConverter is a general purpose control interface that eliminates the incompatibility between various audio and video equipment remote control circuits.


Henry Engineering LogiConverter has 4 opto-isolated inputs that control 4 isolated relay outputs. The unit can be programmed to provide either latched or momentary outputs from either continuous or momentary inputs with up to 24 combinations possible. A single input can provide single or dual “flip-flop” outputs; two inputs can latch and reset an output.


Logic modes are selected by front-panel switches; LEDs indicate the output status of the four logic channels. Inputs can be any DC voltage from 5-24 vdc, TTL or CMOS logic outputs, open collectors, or contact closures. Inputs are via a 15-pin D connector; relay outputs are via plug-in euroblock connectors.


LogiConverter is 1/3 rack width and can be mounted in an optional rack shelf, or wall mounted with optional wall/cabinet mounting brackets. LogiConverter is powered by an internal AC power supply.



Technical Specifications

  • Control Inputs: Opto-isolated 5-24VDC or ground closure

  • Input Resistance: 1.5K ohms per input

  • Input Pulse Duration: >50ms for latched outputs >250ms for momentary outputs

  • Input Connector: 15-pin D-sub

  • Outputs: 4 Form-C (SPDT) relays

  • Load Capacity: 1A/28VDC, .5A/120VDC res max

  • Output Connections: Plug-in euroblocks

  • Physical Size: 5.7"w X 1.7"h X 6.0"d, 3lbs

  • Construction: Steel enclosure

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