For-A UF-112 UFM Frame (12 modules)

For-A UF-112 UFM Frame (12 modules)

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Modell/Artikelnr.: FA-UF-112

For-A UF-112 

The UF-112 is a UFM frame with superior reliability and maintainability. It can hold up to 12 UFM modules.

  • Capable of holding up to 12 modules (boards) according to the system.
  • Capable of holding UF-112PS redundant power supply (optional).
  • Permits hot swapping of power supply and modules. All front modules can be replaced through the front side.
  • Alarm detections and status indications are displayed on the front-side LED.
  • Includes loop-through connector as Genlock input. Genlock input signal can be distributed to all modules.
  • Control card is used for remote control interface (optional).
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